Executive Protection / VIP Services


Anywhere, anytime.

That’s why our high net worth clients turn to Inner Valor and our Invisible Ring of SecuritySM. They want to interact with the world around them with the quiet confidence that only comes from knowing they are fully protected and safe, abroad and at home, in remote locales and on busy streets, in violent hot spots and seemingly benign environments.

They don’t want their security to attract attention – many value privacy and anonymity without surrendering security. They want the freedom to be who they are, wherever they are, with the peace of mind that lets them to focus on the matters at hand, whether on business or vacation. They want to know a trained, effective security detail is close enough to protect them, but just far enough away to give them the breathing room they desire.

Protection, Customized For You

Protection, customized for you

Our Executive Protection Services are customized for each client, tailored to their specific needs and desires, as well as the locale, environment and any potential risks. Our international risk assessment specialists give us the up-to-date intelligence to prepare for local dynamics, cultural nuances and potential threats before you or your security detail ever arrive.

Services Include:
  • Protection in low- and high-risk environments
  • Armed and unarmed protection
  • Security for unique locations and specialized circumstances, including:
    • Private yachts and maritime security
    • Arrival and departure of commercial and private jets
    • Public and private venues
    • Nightclubs and restaurants
    • Private residences
  • “Seamless Logistics” support – we can work with your assistants, colleagues
    and families to ensure there are no complications in
    your daily life, business trips or holidays

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