Intellectual Property Protection

We Protect Your Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights

Inner Valor’s Intellectual Property Protection identifies organizations infringing upon our clients’ intellectual property rights—including branding, trademarks, trade secrets and patents. By monitoring online activity, conducting sample product purchases and executing field investigations, we gather tangible evidence to protect our clients’ IP, take down infringers and mitigate future activity.

Investigation Supporting Your Intellectual Property Rights

Protection, customized for you

We support our clients in both civil and criminal litigation with forensic evidence. Our highly skilled investigations team specializes in:

  • Monitoring online activity for threats to your intellectual property and the takedown of infringing sites.
  • Identifying counterfeit products, their distribution networks and supporting law enforcement in raids of production facilities.
  • Defending products under market exclusivity protection from new competition.
  • Training law enforcement on how to identify counterfeit products and their sources.
  • Authenticating seized goods, supporting controlled deliveries and coordinating intelligence sharing.
  • Reconstructing the details related to the theft of sensitive company information
    from unauthorized persons, which includes the forensics recovery of deleted or stolen digital data.

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