Anti-Illicit Trade

Protect your brand equity

Inner Valor’s Corporate Investigations team assists our clients in suppressing competitive threats from illicit trade.

Using our Pressure Point Control Tactics™ (PPCT™) service, conducting investigation and reporting, and working with attorneys and  law enforcement, we’ve successfully exposed and shut down organizations working against our clients, eliminating competitive threats and leveling the playing field.

Securing your business with PPCT™

Inner Valor provides you with the necessary tools to combat smuggling, counterfeiting and local tax evasion. The PPCT™ principles allow you to put pressure on those facilitating criminal behavior from a wide variety of directions making it futile to maintain illicit activity. By collecting strategic and actionable intelligence and supplying it to the relevant stakeholders, we help our clients create an environment where unfavorable competitive activity becomes virtually impossible to maintain.

If you suspect illicit trade is affecting your business, contact us to discuss how we can help your business thrive without the threat of illegal trade cutting into your profits.