Internal Fraud Examination

We help you find out if anything
is happening when it shouldn’t

Within your internal and external groups

All too often, the most damage to an organization comes from within. Embezzling, ghost payroll, skimming and fraudulent or concealed business deals can wreak havoc on a company.

Inner Valor’s Certified Fraud Examiners carry out comprehensive investigations to expose internal fraud and abuse by carefully gathering evidence by those involved and exposing them to management and law enforcement when necessary. Additionally, we create plans and provide recommendations for best practices to minimize the possibility of a reoccurrence.


Discreet Internal Investigation

Protection, customized for you

In order to assure that fraud is not taking place within your organization, our trained team of experts will discreetly investigate the situation to assess if there are any potential areas to be reviewed in more detail.

Through our process, we will:
  • Assess your organization’s compliance standards and risk for fraud.
  • Research to assess if fraud is suspected within the organization.
  • Provide evidence of fraudulent activity.
  • Assist with legal action, should it be required.
  • Provide recommendations to prevent fraud in the future.

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