IT Forensics

Know your data is safe
from internal and external theft

Theft of sensitive company information can lead to major damage and losses. Inner Valor’s expert IT Forensics team specializes in investigating such theft, including the recovery of deleted or destroyed digital data.

Tracking and Recovery of Stolen Data

Protection, customized for you

Through our holistic investigative techniques, we determine if theft may have occurred, then trace such activity back to its source. We’ve helped our clients recover data and support them with forensic evidence for civil and criminal litigation, primarily in cases involving the misappropriation of intellectual property.

Some activities and services we provide:
  • Manage and identify users and connected devices.
  • Email review and extraction.
  • Access internal protected documents.
  • Find malware and viruses.
  • Data analysis, including fraud monitoring.
  • Data recovery.
  • Secure infrastructure to prevent future IP leaks.

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