Counterintelligence & Cyber Security

Protect your information by
preventing inappropriate access

As virtually all businesses have an online presence, Inner Valor knows it’s essential to provide training on where vulnerabilities are and how to eliminate them, as well as how to be proactive in keeping sensitive information confidential. However, such threats aren’t limited to data or network breaches through system vulnerabilities—sensitive data can be leaked through individuals impersonating employees, officials or contractors, and even by collecting discarded sensitive documents or through stolen laptops and mobile devices.

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Protection, customized for you

Inner Valor helps clients protect and secure sensitive information from both internal and external penetration attempts. Following intervention, we also conduct post action penetration studies to ensure that safeguards against identified vulnerabilities are working.

Inner Valor stops numerous threats that a company may otherwise face by training clients on how to keep intellectual property confidential and how to patch up vulnerabilities on company websites, internal networks and intranets.

Some of our services:
  • Data assessment
  • Data recovery
  • Penetration testing
  • Security review and assessment
  • Recommendation reporting

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